Tips for your Turkey

Tips and tricks to help you help you keep your turkey moist and flavourful

Don’t be afraid to cook a big bird.

First, ensure you thaw your turkey safely. Click here for tips of thawing from Butterball. Remember it’s safer to thaw in your fridge and NOT outside on your kitchen counter.

Next, you’ll want to brine that bird. Brining infuses extra liquid into the flesh, so at the end of cooking, you’ll have a juicier bird! The most important parts are your water and salt. Any additional parts: stock, herbs, veggies, are up to you. Try checking out Alton Brown, or the Kitchn, for tips on how to brine. Good Eats also has an explanation on why brining works.

Already know what brining is and just want a quick guide? Use 1 cup of kosher salt, or 1/2 cup table salt (crystals are smaller and more densely packed) along with 1 cup of sugar for every gallon of liquid.

Finally you can cook your bird with your choice of herbs and spices. Getting a poultry bouquet herb packet from VIP is an easy way to get a good mix.

Have a delicious Christmas!